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When the Planes Align


“When the Planes and Worlds align

Then it is again the time

The land will darken

The sun will fade

And all that’s Good they take away

Then the forces Good and Evil

Will fight their war for dominance

Whose determined will connives

To once again join and band together

See which Folk’s will rule the land”


Hagnon found this piece of poetry while researching some other piece of information he was looking for so he copied it and held on to it until he could break the code. Then, while studying the "Great Conjunction" brought to his attention in a dream he had a year ago he wondered if the two were related. To Hagnon's mind it raise more questions than it answered. No one knows from whence this poem came, as the writer is anonymous, only that it has been around for over 500 years. The veracity of the subject matter is unknown. It appears to refer to a "Great Conjunction", a darkness upon the land and a war for the future of the land.


When will the conjunction occur? What is the darkness that will befall the land? What will cause the war? Who will be the combatants? No one can make heads or tails of this cryptic verse but everyone will wait and see.

If anyone reads this and knows who the author is please let me know so I can credit them. I may have written it myself upon awaking from a dream but I do not remember do so.


Author's Notes

Is it truth or fiction

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