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Dusk // Dawn

the sun will soon set / forget the world that you knew / embrace falling night   as darkness takes hold / a stirring beauty unfolds / bringing the first light   tranquil break of day / our loving hero will save / all who see the plight   for when the New Dawn / pierces the darkness we know / the world will become right   our hero brings with him / the birth of a peaceful era / knowing only love   he brings something more / the way to a better life / overflowing love   his love knows no bounds / find peace in his warm embrace / find strength in his love   our glorious king / please save us from darkness / teach us of your love   King of the New World / summoner of the New Dawn / by Fate you're chosen   please deliver us / from this world filled with chaos / teach us of your love   the world will rejoice / and forever sing the name / Asgan the Chosen  
  • Unknown
  •   The main big bad evil guy is a conqueror bringing with him a dawn for the 'New World' that will bring the world back into order. He ultimately will be forced to make a deal with a demon to bring him the power to do this, but will be corrupted by her into becoming bloodthirsty and turning to the goal of bringing this 'New Dawn' to the world at large, through conquest and harsh punishments for those who behave inappropriately. He will likely gain the ego of this god-like persona and believes he is a hand of fate acting out this cleanse. This piece will probably one of the earlier seeds for this campaign-arc to start showing its heads while the characters are lower level. I'm expecting it to be a big hook, and one that will likely be found but split up into each stanza as small chunks that they can piece together as they move forward. His name will be mentioned explicitly in the final one, which will set off one of the players, who has a dark past with him, so the final chime in of the name will ring hard for her. The idea that they will be read out of order, makes me feel that reading stanzas in a random order is the proper way to display it