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Here I Stand, Here We Stand

I   Here I stand alone To face the thing that killed me Here I stand alone and cold With blood along my teeth   It was I who killed The land I don’t belong to It was I who died In the world I was born to It was I who lived and died.   Here we stand alive To fix that which I’ve broke Here we stand alive and warm The ground beneath our feet   It was us who brought To those that did deserve it The peace they need In the world they were born to It was us who lived and fought.   II   In this time of recovery I shall take responsibility For the blood I have swallowed And for the blood you have bled   A grand god or goddess Shall control you no more As we now know All we made was war To rule you, you   A great man or woman Shall follow you now And lead you to greatness Through our grand judgement   In this time of recovery We shall now withdraw Forever until never For you to live, mortal, great, and in peace.   III   For every arrow shot And every blade swung And every fire lit And every vein cut   I apologize.   The light was blocked by me, and me alone So for you I shall shine And for us I shall shine But do not forget That I am still here I will never fear To protect what I've made And to harm myself To stop Socrine's blade   The blade I birthed And the blade I made The cutting edge of our demise Turned to the tool of a new sunrise   Here I stand, Here We Stand, And I apologize.

Poem written by Nemara and told to Aetherium after the end of the God War


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