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Lullaby of the Mages

Lay down your weapons, lay down your life, for it is us that will end this strife.   First down went Fire, strong as can be, she laid down her life for her found family.   Next came Water, the youngest of all, looked away for a moment, and then he did fall   Earth tried to save them, bring them all home, but went down in a flash and was left all alone   Then came Air, not very bright, they tried to run, and went down without a fight   Nature felt rage with four comrades dead, went in to save them and then lost her head   Ice tried to follow, their heart melted so, but just how they fell, we still do not know   The one made of Electric did try to help, but soon he too fell, without even a whelp   Mind heard the cries and the pleading death bargains, death came as relief, as her heart seemed to harden   Space helped their allies, they tried to get away, but they were hunted and killed the very same day   With so many dead, Time used their name, but no matter what, it ended the same   Life felt despair, her powers all drained, she mourned for her allies before she was slain   Death grew with power, as his were allies slain, he tried his best to fight, but it was all in vain   The poor little Darkness, she did try to hide, but she never did leave the battle alive   Light felt rage, remorse, and sorrow, but was quickly tracked down and killed before the morrow   Healing sat alone, her powers useless, she dared not fight as she knew it was pointless   Fifteen mages slain, their blood on the ground, their enemies vanished, there was not a sound   Their blood made magic, deep in the earth, but one has to ask, was it worth?


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