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Grukzan Sulmog/Grukzan's Raid

Lyrics in Orcish

Grukzan tak budhosh, Mundus ob tak dot,
Tak fukisham uruk lat parhor din shof,
Frum afar Gruumsh!
Nar ur din nar shatush!
Dig tak tok agh zau tak jut,
Ur led tak fha parhor sulmog
  Verse 1
Ni amal tak Shakutarbik, Mushtof at malzagh,
Us tul atuk fulak sha at karkat rraf,
Grukzan din nar gakh agh plakas tak malzagh nalt!
Snu amal tak Shara, at shum gaz utot
Rend u at kodar amukh zub lundar skaat kurn,
Grukzan din nar gakh agh bi tul u ak gurz!
  Chorus Repeats   Verse 2
Snu amal tak Goths, gajum ish at kala,
Va tul lots od art mar gith tak ghakrum
Grukzan din nar gakh agh burnt tul to tak tok!
Snu amal tak Lundar, vosha fok ak maukum,
Flak palhur ob kuku, kartart, zi agh dardh,
Grukzan din nar gakh agh tul uk mabus!
  Chorus Repeats   Verse 3
Snu amal tak Laga, faus frok at kuls
Baj bumbullaum agh furtun fok sahat agh sahat
Grukzan din nar gakh agh notog mab hokarul!
Mabram amal Shaqowuth, rrau mab tab grumball
'lat din nar bi izish' tak kuku staz bukot
Grukzan din nar gakh agh hogrraf alag Kulkodar!
  Chorus Repeats x2  

Lyrics in Common

Grukzan the mighty, Tyrant of the Sea,
The strongest orc you ever did see,
Chosen by Gruumsh!
None he didn't crush!
Burn the land and strike the water,
He led us in the greatest slaughter!
  Verse 1
First came the dwarfs, Hiding in their mountain,
Thinking they were safe with their cannons poundin',
Grukzan didn't care and blew the mountains up!
Next came the humans, their puny little towns
Fleeing to the hills when our boats came around,
Grukzan didn't care and beat them to a pulp!
  Chorus Repeats   Verse 2
Next came the nobles, sleeping in their manor,
For them lots of gold was always the answer,
Grukzan didn't care and burnt them to the ground!
Next came the boats, looking for a fight,
Flying flags of red, blue, black and white,
Grukzan didn't care and they all drowned!
  Chorus Repeats   Verse 3
Next came the wizards, casting from their towers
Making thunder and storms for hours and hours
Grukzan didnt care sailed on laughin'
Last came the Shaqowuth, sitting on its hoard
'You wont beat me' the red beast roared
Grukzan didn't care and smashed that dragon
  Chorus Repeats x2

Grukzan Sulmog or Grukzan's Raid is an orc raiding song about the legendary raid known as The Scourge of Grukzan. As with most raiding songs, Grukzan Sulmog is sung as orcs are rowing their longships to the beat of three large drums and has a call and response structure, with one side of the longship singing one half and the other singing the next, answering the first singers.   The common version is a rough translation, with some liberties taken in an attempt to make the song somewhat more audibly pleasing to the more civilized races, as much as that is possible with orc music.


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