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For Elisabeth

How I miss Your eyes,
Smaragds in the wild
Beautiful to behold!
Every time I gaze upon
The Canopy of Rathram.

How I long for your smile,
A ray of Happiness
Through the dark clouds.
Lifting my spirit every day
When the dark rains fall.

My Treasure,
Long will it be till I found
What I set out to bring
To you, Elisabeth
But the most precious
I left at home.

How my hart pounds
When I think of you
Even the fiercest danger
Pale compared to
My love for you.

My love,
I will search for you
the jungles of Ethoras
I will best
Every storm of Rain
Find for you
The end of my long road
Face for you
Every danger ahead
To return to you.

How I miss your eyes,
How I long for your Smile,
How precious you are to me
How much I love you.

This poem written with ink on pergament was found in the personal belongings of Elisabeth de Tereon . There were actually two versions: One badly damaged, teard up and put back together again, signed by Gunnar Rundthorn and another, in pristine condition, obviously copied by a woman's hand. It is unclear why and when the second copy was created.
The poem itself is unremarkable. If it were not written by the famous explorer, it would not have garnered any attention. The structure of the poem is amateurish and inconsistent, the used metaphors are overly childish.
Unfortunately, after the discovery of this letter roughly thirty years ago, this unclean style of poetry garnered attention of the younger generation. Their concept of art is clearly warped and underdeveloped and apparently a willful affront against their parental generation.


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