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A Door

A poem made about a unnatural occurrence.

A Door
Where a door does not belong
In a forest unscathed by man
Far away from life's commotion
A Door
That does not lead anywhere
Enter one side, exit the other
It leads to nothing, so why is it here?
A Door
That is surrounded by complete silence
The bugs ceased their chirping, The birds pausing their songs
Or maybe I just can’t hear them
A Door
That calls me to open it
To enter through and see
What lies on the other side
A door
That the forest calls a trespasser
That every part of me tells me not to open
That assures me of certain doom should I enter
  So why am I opening it?

This piece is a poem written about a folk tale told about a strange occurrence in the wilderness. This tale is known among many places that contain deep boreal forest, but how it spread so quickly is not known. The poem speaks about a phenomenon of a door appearing in the middle of a forest, unconnected to any building or wall. The folktale, and even some personal accounts talk about encountering a stranger door while wandering through the forest. There is a deafening silence around it, and when one approaches it there is an intense unnatural feeling, like it des not belong there at all. And yet the person are compelled to open it, and step through. Because of curiosity or something else is unsure, as it is said that people who walk through the door are never seen again. The accounts who claim to have resisted the door's allure claim that the forest saved them from an unnatural evil.


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