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Gods amassing their armies to fight over in multi-dimensional wars over control of the ever-changing Realms. Kingdoms unleashing the fury of mountain size titans on their enemies. A legion of corrupt dragons on the verge of wiping out an entire continent. Magic apocalypses that annihilate entire countries and leave the world starved for magic. Drug Lords that rule nations and spread narcotics connected to forgotten gods. Political plots involving brainwashed assassins.   Merchants selling unknown relics found in a magic ruin. Farmers trying to maintain his crop in time for harvest. Town guards on the lookout for persistent bandits. Street urchins finding fame and riches in intense races across cities. Forest tribes hunting dangerous beats through the mountains. Gangs of thieves preforming dangerous heists in oppressive cities. Explorers set on finding everything this world has to offer.   In a world full of Gods walking among mortals, magical beasts loom in the dark, and unknown magics being unleashed, everyone is trying to live their own version of life. Everyone has a story.

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Rise of the Rose

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Drugbusting fools