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Whalesong capture KWSB47, the "Heart recording"

Excerpt:   hollow waters
absent currents, silent shores
the Heart of the Giant
lies breathless

Recorded by Kishti of Wavecrest
Translated by Dravka, senior cetalinguist
Recital and translation overseen by Cara, lead archivist
Sung by songkeeper female (unknown individual)   Recorder's notes: Standard capture techniques employed. Songsphere generation was stable, and recording was started almost right after the song started. Sphere was immediately brought to the nearest aquacoustic library, so decay or loss of song was minimal if there was any at all.   Translator's notes: I suspect Kishti may have missed more of the beginning of the song than he is admitting, but the recording is still serviceable, even by the standards of the most rigorous recorders. Presented here is what I believe to be the most important verse of the recording. The rest of the song seemed to mostly be about the whale missing her child who had recently become old enough to go off on her own, but this verse in particular caught my attention. Songs about journeys across the ocean usually employ imagery of well-known landmarks, but never before have I caught a non-legendary reference to the Nulltide, oblique as this one may be. Whales tend to avoid the area due to its inherent danger, but no other part of the Balacen matches the description of "absent currents" or "hollow waters."
Also surprising was the mention of the Heart of the Giant. This is a mythical artifact that has been mentioned in whalesong plenty of times before, but never with a concrete description of what it is, what it does, or where it may be. It certainly has never been linked to the Nulltide before. I will immediately begin comparing other mentions of the Heart to see if there is anything of note here. If we can concretely link the two mythical subjects of the Nulltide and the Heart of the Giant, I believe we are close to a breakthrough in understanding whale culture.
Kishti should be commended for this finding. A high-quality and notable recording from an amateur spheretender is no small feat, regardless of his past failures.   Supervisor's notes: I am hesitant to agree with you, but you are right, Dravka. This recording connects two little-understood subjects, and that connection may lead to true understanding. I await your further analysis of the topic. In the meantime, Kishti is recommended for promotion to the position of archivist.


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