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A dolphin uses sound magic to compress water into a crystal sphere. A tanned human shaman coaxes a tree from the beach for new wood to build a ship. A balaceti merfolk herds shoals of fish towards her hunting partner's net. A great whale travels the depths, singing intricate songs about the heroes of the past.   Teshelyn is a world defined by its oceans. Every society has a close and intricate relationship with the water, even the humans. Dolphins, merfolk, balaceti (an orca-like type of merfolk), and whales make up the rest of the world's cultures.   Most of these cultures have little in the way of recorded history, and the oldest artifacts can only be traced back to about four centuries ago. Teshelyn holds many mysteries even to her own people, and new enigmatic phenomena are discovered regularly. A young dolphin has just discovered a link between two subjects mentioned in old whalesong: the mythical artifact known as the Heart of the Giant, and the locale of Nulltide Bay, where any object that enters its waters vanishes without a trace.