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Prophesy of Endings

Listen and fear,   All ye gods,   of warnings of your fall.   Beware the man,   of endless hate,   lest he orchestrate it all.   The ebs of time,   do forwarn,   of creatures great and small.   Who's actions shall,   without fail,   cause your plans to end.   Oh, listen here ye divine,   to the song of your despair,   number five,   do the minds,   of those who'll end your lives.   One burns with eternal hate,   beyond the mortal veil.   One is Two.   Conflicted and torn.   One sears with with magic might,   A heathen in these lands.   One has a heart of steel,   a cold machine built for war.   One is a monster torn from nightmares,   A scourge upon the lands it walks.   Alone they shall wreak devastation,   Together their plans will bring ruin to all.   The First sign will be the death of the deathless   The Second the freeing of the many in one.   The Third the theft of the face of evil   The Fourth shall be the destruction of the first city   Should all four dooms come to pass,   The world will be doomed to burn.

This poem was found scrawled on a ruin wall in the caverns far beneath the city of Simmsmout written in an ancient form of celestial. Its author is unknown, nor is its meaning known. Its existence is known to but a few, and fewer still take its threats seriously.   Only the Aasimar Alliance in any way attempt to monitor the words of the poem and determine if their words are coming close to pass. Narcian recognizes these words as having an origin from before the Cataclysm. Given their re-appearance after that world ending event, he dreads what these words could potentially mean in the modern age. As such he carefully watches for any of the signs that could be hinted at by this poem.


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