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On Deities: A Theologian's Analyses

Speaking on matters of deities old and new.

Understanding the complex religious landscape that is Rakuen is no easy feat. But although historical records can certainly be hard to come by, it is always in service of the larger workings of the churches, temples, religious foundations, and infinite clerics, paladins, and priests who so dilligently maintain records of the various accounts, transcriptions, and studies of religious texts and, of course, their subjects.   Herein I wish to summarize the various modes of religious deities that, in my studies, I have discovered to be inhabiting our realm at one time or another.   The Vestiges   So little is known of The Vestiges, yet without their handiwork upon our world, none could exist here. It is said back in the days of the Great Darkness, there was nothingness, and all was surrounded by the horrors of the unknown beings of The Far Realm. Various legends have their precedence, but the generally agreed upon knowledge that all these legends seem to point toward is that The Vestiges - celestial beings of unimaginable power - were able to come together and chase away the darkness.   The Vestiges represent the true, primal nature of our universe. Not in simple concept, no, but in the highest of advanced realization of the universe itself. Fate, Time, Space, Life, Death, Light, and Darkness - The Vestiges of these realms of being are able to channel their existence into existence itself. If they were ever to depart this realm, there would no doubt be nothing left for any of us, and even if we were allowed to continue our pitiful existence, it can only be imagined that any form of physical make-up we are aware of now will no longer exist.   As life grew on Rakuen, it is said The Vestiges could no longer interact directly with their world. As such, they made a large variety of demigods to do their bidding. But the evil attempts by beings from The Far Realm allowed The Whispered One to become godly, and he was able to seal away the power of The Vestiges.   A Realm Reborn   In The Third Age, The Vestiges had been sealed, and there was no celestial beings left except those demigods who were left behind after The Sealing and the War of Ruin. These demigods, with no masters to call their own, sought out for adventurers to help them birth new gods. An otherwise heroic endeavour resulted in great turmoil, only known from records as the Cataclysm. It is said that in this time, the deities of Eternia were created alongside the Eidolons. The Eternia favoured law - the Eidololatria favoured chaos - and their clash strickened the world. Soon thereafter, Titans were summoned, soon thereafter followed by the Primordials.   Little is known from this chaotic time. But what is definitive is that the Eternia seems to have won for a time. They sealed away the rogue Eidolons within The Moon, and then slowly helped in sealing the Primordials, as well as defeating the Titans. Some of this wreckage of godly battles remains on our plane even to this day.   Chaos Reigns   The Fifth Age was the coming of the final Moon's Cry. With the final vessel of The Moon breaking free, The Eternia pantheon decided that their time over this realm had ended, and that the fates had changed from Lawful Rule to Chaotic. As such, the world was left to its devices, and as The Moon's Cry unleashed the Eidolons once again upon the planet, and the Eternia deities shirked into submission, our world was now ruled by temperamental, weaker, and wilder Eidolons. Our current time is one of great surprise and changes, as now anyone entrepreneurial enough - who does not step on the toes of other deities - can themself become an Eidolon. This allows those who seek great power more chance at success in their remarkable ambitions.   The Writings of the Cleric Poran Vashul of Paradiso.

Poran Vashul was a noted cleric who researched many ancient religious tomes, which were constructed largely from limerick and poetry, particularly in the oldest texts.


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