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Eventide's Song

What is our twisted fairytale?
Why do I hold so much concern?
In the palace lies the dragon,
Awaiting her hero's return.
  Should it not be that she stay here?
A princess in my lair,
Instead I wait there silently,
Dreaming of her golden hair.
  O hero, O champion,
O why must you leave?
Our world is a-breaking,
But without you, who'll save me?
  O hero, O champion,
Let your blade never falter,
Destroy those who'd hurt you,
And return to warm waters,
  My princess, my darling,
Take with you my smile,
Whilst I wait across the world,
Thinking of those long miles,
  These long days you are gone,
I only miss you more,
And the cool air of the mountains
Brings with it faint drums of war.
  Dear Ashlyn, I love you,
But please don't be long.
This dragon is not for the battlefield,
You're the one who's strong.
  Princess of memories,
With a sorceress abed beneath;
I look forward to your return:
so we can share each other's heat.
  Princess of my heart,
Champion of our Sun,
Mother of little Midna,
Of soulmates, we just have one.
  I sing from my soul to reach you where'er you are;
May my fire bless your blades and spur on your might,
Let our hearts sing forever to once 'gain find reunion,
And look to the future; to our wedding; to our special 'first' night.
  In the town of Ironfalls, Mery Eventide had never felt more alone. The ring on her finger felt heavy and cold, the ancient gems only a reminder of her absent fiancée, and the companionship of two other princesses - seriously, had Ashlyn begun a collection? - just made her miss her own. Princess Ashlyn Alarian, Champion of Sarenrae, had been gone for over a month, barely a day after they'd become engaged, leaving Mery to take care of their child, their new baby dragon, and their home.   Whilst the others in Ironfalls tried to keep her spirits up, she couldn't help but miss her lover. Saving the world had already proven to be dangerous - she'd been tortured before, Ashlyn had been confined to an asylum briefly, and she'd seen the results of Cid's death herself - and now Ashlyn wasn't even on the same continent. If something happened to her, would they even manage to get word back to Aletheia? How long might her angel lie dead before she could be told?   The anxiety was crippling, and it was Alysia Undria who eventually caught her venting anger in dragon form, hot tears running down a brassy face. Gently, the Aletheian princess approached with a warm mug of cocoa and eyes that spoke to her own years of understanding. Whilst Alysia's fiancée was far away, it was not he who inspired the same anxiety in her - it was her brother, Cyne, always running away and getting into messes. She knew what it was like to go months without a word, and had always found that music helped the pain - if only for a time.   And so it was that the two women found themselves atop the castle walls at midnight, playing a sweet - if melancholy - song for the missing Princess; a song to soothe Mery's heart and, possibly, let Ashlyn hear the whispers of love from across the globe.   Ashlyn never would know why she awoke feeling so peaceful that morning.

A recording of this will be added when the author has recovered from her illness.


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