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The Demon Slayers of Axbury

I'm here to tell the Story of a very special day       The deed was done, the battle won   The whole town cheered hooray   Valed had won the contest with his delicious pie   A glorious feast, to say the least   The day that no one had to die       They met with some men   Sam bartered a deal to build a house on their land   So they could start a venture so bold   Axbury wool from sheep of gold   They drank and danced and laughed all night   But Skjoldfrid raged and wanted to fight       Frank had made a bet that Skjoldfrid would win the fight   She stepped outside into the night   Her opponent was Gorm. A man in excellent form   They drew their swords, the crowd wanted gore   And she displayed her awesome might       Inside the tavern, Azul remained   And worthy information was gained   Of a land to the north, beyond a desert of sorts   And a game they played, I believe taq was the name       The inquisition rode into town   Our heroes faced them down   In a battle of wits, with words like fists. Our heroes stood their ground   They tried to bend the truth with tiny lies   They told of the demon in Carla's hide   They slipped the noose, by telling the truth       They journeyed to the tavern to eat and drink some more   Valed went picking berries while I knocked on Harricks door   The inquisition was still around   In Perrins face a friendly smile was found   Could he be on our heroes side after all?   Or was it a ploy? Perhaps the start of their downfall       Harrick joined the gang and listened to their plans   In the search for a business partner he said that Jackass was their man   So when Jacksall was asked   He jumped at the chance   To help them build an empire of wool,   But out of their arse sheep of gold they must pull!       But what became of Valed while the gang hung out in town?   He went off to pick some berries and was nowhere to be found   Perhaps he ran away   bravely, bravely, ran away   Maybe he ate some magic berries and drifted off to a foreign land   Where he fought a mighty dragon   Without lifting a hand   He didn't use weapons he didn't throw a rock   He simply took of his clothes... and showed the dragon his... smelly... ugly... stinking... sock       Well Valed my friend, now that you're here!   Perhaps you can tell us what transpired while we ate and drank beer!

This is the ongoing bard Sam deFauks' tale about the exploits of the main characters in the first D&D campaign set in Kampos. Composed by one of my lovely players, and performed at irregular intervals by another. Thanks for being awesome!


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