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Moonsfire Night Ballad

And oh, how the fields did burn, the night the fires did rain from the sky.

Our forests of lore, to ash, for our young and old, only to die.

As we screamed our need to our far flung kinsmen, begging for aid.

Silence. Hopelessness. Abandonment. Anger. Death. Fade.


  Above is an excerpt of the ballad, 'Moonsfire Night', a song detailing the fall of Tela'thanir, the old kingdom of the Moon Elf that existed in in Koria , in the area now called The Blacklands. It details the events that transpired during the Planar War that lead to the destruction of Tela'thanir, the betrayal of the other Elves of Koria, either knowingly or unwittingly it doesn't seem to matter, and the events that lead to them leaving the continent of Koria forever to settle in the land of Torrezon.   The ballad is often preformed either as a solo or duo performance, and usually only preformed during the Moons Emprace celebration held in the early springtime. Music is typically played on either a lute, harp, the strings, and accompanied by soft flute and drumbeat, that rises to emphasize certain points of the ballad.

It is worth note that this song is extremely biased, almost to the point of racism against the other Elves of Koria, due the Moon Elves own hatred of their kin for failing to come to their aid during the Planar War.

While the other Elves state it was simply a matter of being required to help keep the portal to the Feywilde alive and in so doing, saving a majority of the continent from the ravages of the Archomentals, Moon Elves felt it was instead a deliberate choice to let them die for refusing to share their deep knowledge of the arcane arts with anyone outside their own race.


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