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The Death Song of Talfryn, Talfrith's Son

Oh, Talfry, son of Talfrith/ Dark of hair and bright of heart/ Angharad's father, Carin's husband./ May you walk well to the world above/ watched o'er by Lynur's ward/ path lit by Ytoniel's light./   Long will your name be remembered/ life cut short by Faen arrow./ Innocent your blood spilled forth,/ swallowed by the land you loved./   As blood-price for your wrongful death,/ bound by oath are the Wild Hunt,/ No more to slay or steal human blood./ It will not bring you back or ease the grief from which I sing./ I, Angharad, Talfryn's daughter, sang this./
— Opening invocation of The Death Song of Talfryn, Talfrith's Son

In this fragment preserved by a very early Aelithi merchant, scribbled down on his accounts sheet, we see one of the first songs composed by Angharad, she who was once The High Druid in the ancient days of legend in Laeonesse. It is noticeable to compare this to her other songs because even by her less than excellent verse, this is a crude poem. According to legends and accounts, she was hardly a full-grown woman when her father was slain by The Wild Hunt. It is unknown what sort of druidic training she had undergone at that point, but it is possible that she had received no training as of yet. That makes it even more interesting that she was able to compose a complete death-song for an individual, recounting his life and his deeds, in roughly uniform verse. That is quite a striking achievement for one so young, untrained, and relatively untalented. It is likely that she composed this poem while constructing the home for war-orphans that consumed her early life after the death of her father. Tragically, what happened to this home and her benevolent gesture has been lost to history.
— Commentary on an ancient manuscript from an Aelithi scholar during the years of the occupation


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Jul 27, 2018 12:26 by Richard Bradley

This was an interesting read, I really loved how this was written and the content of the story!

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Jul 28, 2018 18:32 by Kaleb Kramer


K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
Jul 27, 2018 13:17 by Isaac A. Thompson

Such an interesting poem, with a rich history! I love the commentary especially for how it illuminates the life of Angharad and how things have changed since then :>

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Jul 28, 2018 18:32 by Kaleb Kramer

Thanks! That was its purpose!

K.C. Kramer- Tales From Beyond the Horizon
Jul 27, 2018 13:49 by Benjamin Andula

Interesting to read, rich tribute for the Wild Hunt. I'm interested into something a lot ; why do this presentation for the poem ? Won't cut it in verses and 3 columns (As you have 3 paragraphs) work best ?

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Jul 28, 2018 18:33 by Kaleb Kramer

Good to know! I think I have some ideas for articles about Fae brewing, and some of them will involve the Wild Hunt.   And the format was because I couldn't figure out how to get the column to have proper spaces between each stanza.

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