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The Ballad of Belladonna

Wings of snow Striped in black A failed savior Forever trapped.   Eyes of gold Heart of dread Story never told Except by the dead.   A life that never was Loves that never were Alone in this life No ashes for the urn.   Timeless Endless A constant in a changing world Immortal and forever Her rage long furled.   Silent she waits Watching our fates Knowing the end Has come once again...   As the gem cores fall She watches. As our cities burn She watches. As children cry She watches. And she can stand it no more.   With fury learned of failure and power that should have never been She took to the skies determined death would not win   And so she fought With fear in her soul That she had failed Her single goal.   Today I stand Proof she won This war is not over But her work is done.  
  • The Ballad of Belladonna, the mare that never was.

  • Belladonna is a being from another time who never existed in this one. She gave up her timeline in an attempt to save this one from the same fate, and failed. She managed to delay the war, and change the course of technology. But in the end the war came and the apocalypse followed. Seen as a fairy tale or hallucination she has saved many key beings throughout history, those that believe in her don't know if its the same mare or a title and quest passed down mother to daughter. However in every story no matter how old she's described the same, a zebra mare with snow white wings and a horn of crystal. The only detail that does change is the color of her eyes, they have been seen as yellow, pink, blue, grey, and green. It is this that lead scholars to believe it is not one immortal mare, however the other details are too similar for it to be someone else.


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