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Stand with Marjorie

With a fiddle and a drum
And a horse on the run,
We ride the Eddelruln.

For honor and glory
Our hearts in a flurry,
We march with Marjorie.

Stand tall, stand strong
Our hearts as one
Fear not the evil's call.

Proud and fearless
Nothing can beat us
When we stand with Marjorie.

They'll be shaking in their boots
When they hear the beating hooves
Ensnared by our pursuit.

Pleading for mercy
They bow to her glory
But their lives will cease to be.

Heads roll down the hill
The blood-soaked ground stays still
Till our cheers chase out the chills.

Victory will be
Ours through and through
When we stand with Marjorie.

  Composed by Ivan Norbek, during his time in Njirralde's 2nd Calvary Regiment during the Battle for Eddelruln, this battle march celebrates colonel Marjorie Benerai who led the regiment to a turnaround victory. The battle march was quickly taken up by the regiment who were proud to be under her command.   After the battle was won, the soldiers brought it back to their homes and the song quickly spread amongst the people. Children particularly liked the song and it is now known by all in Njirralde and taught to children at a young age along with praise for colonel Marjorie.   The lyrics of the song show the unity of the regiment and how much they look up to the colonel. Indeed, she is a charismatic and strong leader who quickly won the hearts of her troops and instilled fear into the enemy. Much of Njirralde’s youth looks up to her as a role model and after the song was spread around, the kingdom’s military saw an increase in enrollment.


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