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Crystal passion

Princess Ayda / Crystal Passion   What necklace is this? I know that shine, Glinting in the sunlight, reflecting the starlight. Stunning gems striking contrast to the crystal brilliance.   The shines blinding beauty radiance, only out-shined by its' owner. Who is quite happy Full of joy like a vivid rainbow, breaking through darken clouded day.   She glides thorough the streets Merrily laughing until her belly aches. The sounds of distant waves of joy, Washing over those that hear or see.   The necklace is shining, deep and magical. It brings light to all that see,   Even as she sleeps, sweet dreams come to her freely When she rises again, joy and laughter follow.

The poem Princess Ayda/ Crystal passion has been around almost as long as the necklace. The author was a passing dignitary form a neighboring kingdom. His name has been lost in history. He was born in the neighboring kingdom but it is known that he spent much of his time in Princess Ayda's kingdom and was buried there. Some think that he wrote it as a love poem for Princess Ayda's to win her love. Others disputes this and say that it was the poem that a dignitary wrote to tell his king of the the princess and the stunning Crystal passion. There is evidence that the poem that is now widely available has been trimmed down from the original. Some suspect that the parts cut out were deemed by someone to be inappropriate. What ever the case may be this poem has been translated into almost every available language. There numerous songs from it, dedicated to it or talk about it. Many lovers have been known to recite it. There is a festival that is held in the Slirene kingdom each year allowing people to view the necklace with a copy of the poem.


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