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Mawb Prayer of Repentance

The original Ru text:   Ngenenbend Menyonye, Ngebe ajd ngo buc da ri uwgncor Ngebe ajd ngo a ujde wa Ngebe ajd ngo arb nbordndirnb juwb ard ajd ju enga, ajd eng ard ajd ju arngarb, ajd arngngirnb ard ajd ju cu, ajd cumo Rue ju nonbing erndig erndung ajd nojd erndig     Translation:   Keeper of the Book, write my name on the page of the penitent. Write my name with memory long lasting, write my name as a whispered apology. Though I have not thieved, I have stolen, though I have not killed, I have slain. Though I have hurt none, I have injured. May no others carry the burden that is carried in my name.

This is a prayer in the Ru language asking the Mawb goddess for forgiveness. Here, the goddess is referred to as the Keeper of the book in reference to the book of names which she keeps, marking down all those who are righteous and deserve to a place in the afterlife.   The prayer's wording, such as "though I have not thieved, I have stolen," aligns with the Mawb beliefs that all people are sinful and even small acts can cause great harm. In the prayer, the speaker admits to the goddess that they have caused harm to others and asks for forgiveness and healing for any who have been harmed by the speaker's actions.   Though the speaker seeks forgiveness, they do not seek to avoid punishment. The prayer is intended to remind the speaker to humble themselves before the goddess and before others who may be affected by their actions. They want to remember that they are flawed and seek guidance from the goddess in behaving in a manner that is loving and helpful rather than harmful.

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