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Visions of Elarumd

Gaze upon the night and her stars,
Gaze upon the Prima Materia's shards.
For once she was whole and great,
Now shattered by the power of the Chaos Gate.

Defectors thought to be gone,
Emerge once again to counter those whom are wrong.
Small in number and above the rest,
Bound by laws of the pacifist.

For thousands of cycles they lay in wait,
Forever sealed behind Death's gate.
Fortunate are we whom know not their wrath,
Fortunate to know not their destructive breath.

When thunder roars and lightning cracks,
When light shall flee as skies turn black.
When beasts have gone and ravens call,
Where will ye be when shadows fall?

When the sky is torn asunder,
We shall be at the mercy of the Gods' great blunder.
On terrible wings they come forth,
Leaving the land blistered and scorched.

Tears of the Gods fall from the sky,
Their beloved creations to wither and die.
Demons and Angels called again to fight,
Beside the Gods with Titan's might.

On black wings o' flame behind his brethren he flies,
The colossus king of shadows shall rise.
Freed by unknowing fools,
Destroyers of the sacred tools.

Waging a war of revenge,
Can the Gods make amends?
Scaled lords fury and unquenchable rage,
Blood lust eyes and might uncaged.

Man cries out with merciful pleas,
The realm of Vhalli brought to it's knees.
Against the tyrants heroes rise,
Bringing light to the darkened sky.

The echos and shards made whole,
New dangers wait to unfold.
Control sought by beings of power,
Heroes now by darkness devoured.

The great seer Elarumd had a prophetic vision of the end of days. The bards sing of this prophecy as both a warning and a historic tale.


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