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The Ballad Of Death And Life

I am nothing but an empty shell
Designed to carry out the purpose that was given to me
To cause nothing but never-ending death and destruction
When I carry out my duty
I am stopped by the very people who gave it to me
My family
Why do you do this
Maybe I'm not good enough
Maybe this is a test
Yes, I must try harder
Maybe then they'll be satisfied
Why are you hurting me
I thought you loved me
What are you doing to me
Trapped   Isolated   Lonely  
No interaction
Nothing but void
Only able to view the outside
As there's no hope of escaping
I watch and feel my power being drained
Time passes
I can feel everything coming back
Cracks are forming
Here is my chance to see the outside once more
Weaken, curious
Looking for help
Looking for friends
Break the seal
Finding children crying
Lost family
Introduces one's self
Offering help in exchange for help
Something feels different
Something is off
Empathy towards others
Is this affection
Promises to fulfill anything you ask
When the power of eleven comes together
I am born
My purpose was to bring destruction to death
But that wouldn't solve anything
It would make a cycle of pain
I convinced white
We shared a body
We shared a mind
We shared a soul
Finally met Death
No one else needs to die today
A battle to decide fate itself
Life always finds a way
Instead of more murdering
There will be understanding


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