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Do Not Test the Flames

Majestic as they are, they have great power   Their fire has scorched the land   Leaving us to starve   No food and no shelter     Yet they might use that identical blaze,   To warm us in the ice,   When all else is gone   A chance at survival     As a shadow is cast from high above,   We look to them in awe,   As they praise the sky   Dancing between the clouds     Gone are the days when we would hide in fear   Invaders to their home   Fleeing a nightmare   No more are we their prey     We bond with these creatures now, sharing minds   Sharing hearts. We are theirs   As they are now ours   Together at Ynrae

This poem comes from Kíathandí. It is well known by all native Kíans. It originally served as a warning to children in particular about messing with fire dragons. When the Kíans first arrived on Kíathandí, they were hunted down by the dragons. The Kíans were almost forced to flee and find new land. However, some of the dragons started to protect the people and soon bonded dragons started appearing. For a long time, wild dragons were common and would sometimes visit towns and villages. The people never forgot the debt they owed to the dragons for their survival so they were always treated with the highest respect when they were near.   The poem reminds the children what the dragons have done for their people and why they should be respected lest they should suffer the unfortunate consequences of angering a fire dragon. No children have actually ever been directly killed by a dragon but the last thing any parent wants is for theirs to be the first.   This poem isn't heard much at the current time as the majority of the wild dragon population has either been killed or enslaved by Tasa. The children no longer know this warning but those old enough to know it remember it fondly.


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