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For the Rose blooms

Oh she born to noble and well placed birth
Yet one such stands with no sense of worth
Yet bound to search this world for value and meaning
She traveled the world to unravel mysteries seeming
But lo the brigand a life is only worth if one should give gold
He claimed her riches leaving the Rose bereft and cold
But Justice shall reclaim that which is taken away
A thief returned for the Rose's Justice he would pay
Yet the Rose cares not for justice blind
And bonds of authority did she unwind
For gold is not stolen should it be given as a gift
And a single kindness did the thief's soul lift
So buds the Rose its place now found
With purpose she sets off duty bound

Arose a blanket of darkness and dead
Covering the land with suffering and dread
Warriors fight and a Rose must show her thorn
Untested she takes the title to inspire and warn
In battle the foul regents did she slay
Freeing each city from evil's sway
She fights for us all keeping evil at bay
No matter that task she will find a way
Finally alone the Necromancer could not sleep
His army lost all that is left is his lone keep
And so the Rose fights the Necromancer her friends stand tall
She alone able to stand to answer the fates when they call
The two foes clash darkness and light
But only one shall return from this fight
The necromancer no longer looms
For the Rose blooms


There are several versions of this ballad that contend the Saint Rose fell fighting Baal while popular versions have her walking away to save the world again. While there are none who can prove one way or another the official story of the Church of Saint Rose holds the Saint was victorious before leaving to save the world and ascending to Sainthood.


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