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Stzozan's Claim

Written by Tames Patillo   We are all Sonphanta,
Our souls are stzozan's claim,
Our deaths are not forever,
For our stzozan's claim.
When our souls leave Phantasmer
We see the balance pillars
Our stzozan keeps us tethered
For our stzozan's claim.
Wounds don't touch the soul
Our stzozan keeps us whole
We return on sunrise
For our stzozan's claim.


The song "Stzozan's Claim" was originally written to teach young Sonphanta about their fate. Tames found it easier to teach through music and was delighted to come up with a song that would help Sonphanta learn and deal with their "condition". The song describes the Sonphanta's immortality and how it is based wholly on their Stzozan]; the god that has claimed their soul and chosen to tether it to the Life Pillar in Mekhazi. The next lines speak of Mehkazi itself, where Sonphanta souls go when their body has perished. Supposedly, when one dies, their souls are drawn up through the Death Pillar and placed inside the Core Pillar. If a soul is decided to be too injured to reincarnate (which they usually are), the Core Pillar crushes it to an essence in order to use it to make new souls. However, a Sonphanta's soul is tethered to the Life Pillar, and their souls cannot receive injuries of any kind. Because of this and their connection to the Life Pillar, their bodies are recreated and return when the sun rises on a shrine dedicated to their Stzozan closest to where they died.


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