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Poem of the Starlit Path

A selection of four stanzas from the poem (translated from the original Elvish).   Following: The Glacier of Reflection   The Ironwood Grove under Bamboo A Bath in the Moonlight under the Rustling Leaves Weaving a dance through the bamboo, feeling the crunch of leaves beneath your feet A hike up the shale path to the Cairn of Trian Breakfast of fresh water with the sunrise atop the hill of Trian   The Great Tree of Duranda Sleep in the moss beneath the great tree Drink the dew wine of the flowers watching the humming bees flit between the blossoms Slide down the dunes of pink sand Soar over the wastes and between the twin pillars   The Flying Concourses in the Blue Sky Circle the concourses from the groundliest sky wise Watch the clouds above and below from the precipice of the towers Touch each of the memorial pillars betwixt sunrise and sunset Stand among the great statues of the ancients   Dancing Shards of Ventu Shine lights among the shards Float down the mirrored cavern lit by the glowing fungaloid Swim across the covered lake embodied Light the torches in Anga's sanctuary   Precedes: A Night in the Crystalline Caves of Emyarl

While often discussed as a single poem, it is clearly a compilation of a series of authors with a specified format. Part travelogue, part cultural bucket list; the poem's stanzas each describe a different elvish site. Each site on the adventure seeker's path can be shared separately and always includes a reference to the previous stanza and following stanza. Because of this there are differing versions. Some versions have grown to contain several hundred named stanzas. Much of the cadence and poetry is removed in the translation from Elvish, but it is presented here for ease of reading.

Cover image: by Markus Dehning (vertixico)


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