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Dragon's Lament

Once I set the seas alight
With a single fiery breath.
Once I was so mighty that
I thought my name was Death.

I thought I'd rule forever,
But forever passed so fast.
Now here I lie for all to see,
A shadow of the past.

So listen now and heed me well,
Lest this truth ye miss.
The mighty and the middling,
All shall come to this.
— "The Dragon's Lament", author unknown
The poem known as either "The Dragon's Lament" or "The Mighty and the Middling", depending on who you ask, was found around fifty years ago in what is now New Tarania, inscribed on a stone slab laid by the bones of an enormous dragon. It was carved in draconic, but the actual author is unknown. The skeleton in question had been there for at least a century, and had been undisturbed due to a particularly vicious curse placed on the site.
Following its discovery the poem was rapidly sent around the world by the various educated classes. Its poignant message, combined with its mysterious origins, made it a subject of much discussion in high-society. Although its popularity rapidly faded as its novelty wore off it has not been forgotten, and is recorded in numerous books of poetry. It was also inscribed on the tomb of King Lesym of Caleah, following instructions in his will, in a move widely regarded as pretentious and arrogant.


The poem above is an adaptation of one written by Cressida Cowell for her book 'How to Train Your Dragon'. The whole piece, and the original context, can be found here.


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