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The year is 258 AR, and the world of Calcerun is in turmoil. In Nalunara the Grand Alliance of Free Peoples is beginning to buckle under the neverending pressure from the Savage Races. In volcanic Arn the everlasting wars are reaching a new peak, battles engulfing the fiery continent as never before. In the fey woodlands of Arvalia a canker spreads from the dark depths, corrupting the ancient, mystical forests. Fresh waves of monsters and abominations are spilling over into Dahran from neighbouring Kronam, slaughtering all before them. In the mountains of Balumbas the high dwarves are barely holding on to what little they have left of their ancestral lands. And in Morderan the terrible new evil that is necromancy continues to grow in power and begins to flex its muscles…   Across the world, oracles and soothsayers proclaim that the End of Days is approaching. Will you be ready?