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"A Little Dwarven Lass"

In the stuffy hold'a Kratak Torr, WAY WAY YEAY Behind a taven's broken door, BE-TTA PRAY.   A lass with hair of summer's shine, WAY WAY YEAY Sits with legs so short, de-vine! BE-TTA PRAY.   The lads all know 'e a tricky one, WAY WAY YEAY But the voice is sweet, sweet as hun, BE-TTA PRAY.   Ya take 'er off t' see the world, WAY WAY YEAY Tent a'popped, bedroll unfurled, BE-TTA PRAY.   What wonders with her, y've never seen, WAY WAY YEAY Y' tell yourself that she's your queen, BE-TTA PRAY.   One day she sneaks into ye tent, WAY WAY YEAY Not too far from Dorrok Davent, BE-TTA PRAY.   She lifts 'er skirt and gives a smile, WAY WAY YEAY Yer throat clogs up and ye feel th' bile, BE-TTA PRAY.   Th'res a hole in the middle 'f her knickers, WAY WAY YEAY 'N through it ye see a pair a dickers! BE-TTA PRAY! AYYYY!!!! (Drinking intensifies)

A well known drinking song and sea shanty amongst the Salt Dwarves following the trade winds, 'A Little Dwarven Lass' is a tongue in cheek reference to their tendency to fall in love too quickly given their shorter life spans outside the holds. Originally written ad lib by a visiting minstrel in a Dwarf hold, many of these mountain cities have laid claim as to their origins, and even more taverns besides. Even a human city has attempted to lay claim to the song, but the dwarves dismiss this as sheer stupidity. Used as often in the tavern as it is on the deck of a ship, the rhythm often helps the sailors synchronise their movements while performing tasks.   Requiring a leader to chant the song, often their ship captain, the majority of the singers simply form the chorus.   (PS Don't ever make me write a song again)


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