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Equine Imperium Ode

The Ode of the Equine Imperium stands as the most well known poem on the Realm of Omega. Considered by many a guiding light for the Equine of Omega the words have inspired a great many to great deeds. And an even greater many to ignore some unfortunate realities.   Terra strong and gentle Magus powerful and kind Auran quick and soft Three together as siblings Only then shall the future burn Brightly     The ode of the Equine Imperium written some centuries before when the three subspecies of Equine united under a single banner. The poem has stood as the rallying call of the Equine for that time and shall hold for much longer still. Even nations that stand opposed to the Imperium honor the ethos of the Ode. For the Equine are one species even if they come in such varying shapes. All have strengths and all have failings to overcome. Some see this as a softening of the hatred that came before the Imperium and is sadly far to frequent in the present.   The Ode is recited everyday during any orginized school in the Imperium. It is drilled into children as much as possible as the rulers of the Imperium seek for their message of unity to be as real as they may seem. It is still a long fight a head of them for hatred does not die quickly.   Detractors of the Ode though claim it ignores the actual differences among the Equine and that those differences are such that they can never be ignored. That they shouldn't be. For what Terra Equine will ever have the ease of life a Magus will, or have the freedom that an Auran will. Even with the magic unique to the Terra Equine they are still the least represented of the three and those most in need of accommodations. Ones that are often not made available.


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