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Song To My Daughter

There is a little girl
With eyes like the ocean
And summer in her hair

  Her life is tough, it is unfair
Not once does she complain
Instead she dances
Ends it with a twirl

  She brings light to my life
Though I am oft a fool
It does not bother her
That her dad is a tool

  Before her I was sad
Now I cannot bear
The thought that one day
She might not be there

  The change in my heart
Is only for the better
With room for more than tricks

  This old devil now can love
Not only in words
But true and deep inside
With every single letter

  There is not a thing I would not do
To keep my girl safe and warm
And happy as can be

  It may not be by blood
Perhaps not even choice
But it will never cease
Because we are family

This song was written by the gnome bard Bellfire Trickheart a couple of months after he had rescued and adopted a little half-elf girl.   It was not the first time he had helped an orphan, starting as one himself, but it was the first time he had decided to raise one as his own. He felt a kinship with her and hearing her story, wanted to protect her at all costs even if it meant giving up his life. However, he told no one about this and the song is a guarded secret between him and his daughter.   For years they were separated and only recently found each other again. Having changed from a gnome to a halfling through powerful magic of an unknown mage, Bellfire proved his identity to his daughter by playing the melody of this song that only the two of them know.


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