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The last shot

With war raging hot, land has been scarred.

On every spot a dwarf lies marred.

There is one last shot, and it's a shard.

Surviving matters not, merely standing guard.

This story comes from the war where the dwarves were almost wiped out.

This story was written many years before the Shardblade creation myth was documented in A travellers guide to Auwan.

While the origin is unknown, there are a few myths going around. The most common one say that it was told to a scribe by a soldier about to take part in the last counter attack before certain doom.

Another common myth is that it was made by a bystander who was recently drafted and had been ordered to guard a door and while he was standing there alone he started to get creative and spoke these lines.

For many it matters not who made it, only that it was recorded and preserved for future generations to learn from. Not necessarily for the writing aspect, as the poem has never been called a great text, but because it bears such a cultural significance about an important event in dwarven history.

The poem is known to every dwarf on Auwan, as it is told by parents in order to transfer an understanding of the horrors of war. There is a written version in every book containing myths and legends, but sometimes it also comes up in historical documentation.


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