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The First Stone.

This spot.
Right here.
Here I build my home.
I wandered for years, obeying the gods;
They tell me to stop.
“Friend Arthur, we helped you bring peace.
Now build your home.”
Not my home alone.
I brought peace for my people.
This shall be their home, and mine.
  “With this stone, I begin Olathoe!”

The First Stone is a short poem that is traditionally acredited to Arthur Aetherling, legendary found and first king of Kingdom of Lomar. After he defeated and banished Nythrathril, an Aberrant that rules over Frozen Sea.   After that happened, Arthur supposedly founded city of Olathoe, that was going to one day become a capital of Kingdom of Lomar, a mighty northern human kingdom that played a role not only in human march on elven Karadia, but also in founding Imperium of Karadia.   During one of renovation works of a palace of lomarian kings a basalt stele was unearthed. The contents of it were deciphered after long and ardurous study by many expert philologists, some of them even coming from Imperium of Menoria. The writing on it - written in ancient form of lomarian language - was, as it was called, the First Stone.   Its discovery ultimately caused a schism between researchers. Some consider this a stele erected by Arthur Aetherling himself after settling the Olathoe - which gives credit to the theories that palace was built atop the place of the earliest settlement. Others think of it as later artifact, made to commemorate the legendary event and equally legendary king.   The stele itself was lost when forces of Nythrathril stormed the royal palace, with only the transcription remaining today.


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