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A crumpled piece of paper?

Poem image created by Terry-Lynn L
by ChaosTearKitsune
  A Transcription of the paper
One would think that,   Eventually,   Seeing the sunrise from the Isle of Truth   Would become so normal that   It wouldn't draw the breath from my lips.  
Oh my gods, you're so bad at writing!
  However,   The majesty of the Sun   Never   Ceases to amaze.   The glory of the Goddess and her power   Will never become commonplace.  
Is he in love with Sire's mom?
  Without the Goddess, there would be no sun   There would be no warmth   There would be no life.   No gardens to walk through,   No rivers to rest by.   She is the glorious source of all.  
I think he's in love with Sire's mom!
  Truly, She is more radiant than the Sun.  

—A crumpled piece of paper found on the ground in the Palace of Creation, presumably authored by one of his Knights.   Knights, being semi-immortal can live extremely long lives if they are careful with how many times they revive. They often take up hobbies for the off months where training is the only other thing to take up their days. Some take up artistic pursuits, some hone their skills in magic or animal husbandry. This one apparently is trying to work on their writing, and seems to be smitten with the Goddess of Truth. One would think that a mortal as long lived as a Knight would eventually get better at writing. Unfortunately, some just never learn. The commentary of their squad mates scribbled all over it clearly didn't help, however.

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