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Night's Command Poem

Stars lie awake in a sea of night   Far lost in the void,   Alone never to see each other's light.       Stars forced to obey,   Never to find their friends,   By the Night's Command to lay.       One star did not take to those rules,   One star saw way through the ocean,   The little star made Night a fool.       One star is followed by two then three,   They find their way free,   Only to leave the sky for all of time.

It most literary experts, which is mostly just the Archives, have a few interpretations for what the the author, Brutus Lintus, wanted the reader to feel.   There are two main concepts he could be addressing. The first would be the idea of that one can not control the masses because when one slips through the "king's/Night's" grip then others are soon to follow. During the time frame of this piece, the rise of monarchies and authoritarian regimens were prevalent across the region. If this was a positive or negative is unknown, but generally seen to be against it.   The other would be the conflict between the light and the dark. While not widely looked at, the conflict between these magics is well documented. Dantus could be night in this piece with Riss and his companions represent the stars. The inevitable battle between the two.   Those are not the only interpretations. Some literary novices believe its a simple poem about freedom. However we will never know what he was truly referring too.    

A short poem from the 2nd era. It's a common household song in Fairley.
— Archivist Renna


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