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The Never-Ending Harvest

And on that day,   that blessed day,   The harvest never ended.   And on that day,   That wonderful day,   The cattle was led.   And on that day,   the end of the beautiful day,   The harvest became bread.
  • The Never-Ending Harvest, unknown author (modern adaptation: Oshei Ashiri)
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      The Never-Ending Harvest is perhaps the most well known poem ever written in Meiteikoku. Traditionally in all farmer villages, the poem is read every year at Highfallleaf, when the harvest is celebrated. This is always a big event, as the entire town then gathers on it's central square to celebrate. After the poem is read, an animal is usually slaughtered in sacrifice to the gods, to thank them for the harvest. Even if the harvest fails this celebration occurs, as a way to pray for a better year.  


      No one knows exactly when the original poem was written, or who wrote it. Most believe it was written before the empire was founded, by a priest to an ancient harvest god or godess. Suprisingly, the Sosian's do not use the poem. Therefor, it must either have come from abroad or from a long gone culture that once inhabited the area of Meiteikoku. However, the modern version of the poem was written by Oshei Ashiri, a monk in service of the sun god Amatume.  


      Outside of Meitekoku, the poem isn't frequently. Non-human races don't use the poem. Traders have brought the poem overseas to Velamare, where occasionally bards perform it in taverns or on feasts. But the tradition of reading it every harvest festival is one exclusive to farmers from the various villages in Emperor of Meiteikoku.


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