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The Dwarves of the Gilded Forges

Deep within the hammers ring   Dwarven folk stoke their forge   Upon the anvil, they bend fresh steel   Their forges never rest   They work for trade, their life is steel   They give to the Eternal Forge and pray for fortune   Greedy fingers take what is already given   The gilded forges light no more   They worked for trade, their lives were steel   Without her fortune, their fires fade  

The poem is a short form story that tells of how the dwarves work their forges in order to make trade goods to sell to the communities below. But also about how they tithe part of those trade goods to the good Eeavarin. Unfortunately one day one of the dwarves greedily takes from this stockpile and sells it for his own gain. The goddess is unhappy with this as she had already been promised the goods. As punishment, she snuffs the fires of their forges and will not allow them to relight until the community has been punished justly. Sadly the community begins to fade leaving only a single dwarf to atone. This poem is told to young ones to warn them of the dangers of displeasing the gods and the consequences of denying them.   This short poem that tells the tale of a community of Dwarves who worked their forges within the Gilded Mountains in Aldelgis; it is also a part of a larger story called the Gilded Forge. This is part of a longer story that not only tells the tale of the dwarves and their forges but also delves into the long dwarf that must atonement for his kin's mistakes. The latter half of the story describing the many years the dwarf spends building and attending to a temple of Eeavarin, praying and working for forgiveness. This story is compiled within the pages of The Lighting of the Forge storybook, a book that compiles several stories about the gods and the creation of the world.

Cover image: Blacksmith by Bjorn Hurria


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