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The Liar with a Lyre

The liar the liar the liar!
The drow filled with ire
Strumming a tune of fire
As cannons roared below

Born without a sire,
A childhood did not transpire,
With her freedom a desire,
And a ship she dared borrow

For the Lady gets her way

She sails the abyssal flow,
The ship was her chateau,
The ways of pirate she'd know,
And the danger was most dire

She hauls loot and ammo,
She'll take all your cargo,
She'll give you the plank and an elbow,
Else you'll be brought on and hire'd

For the Lady gets her way.

She wreathes herself in gunfire,
This ship will be her pyre,
The slums and docks her choir,
Her chests full of glow.

And one day this Drow Liar,
Will in death retire,
And with the reaper inquire,
About what she is rightfully oowed

For the Lay-deee
Lord Scribe Galdiel
Having plundered the trade-ships of the abyss for decades, Captain Salabrina (House unknown) has developed quite the reputation. Conservative estimates by the College Scriptorium are as follows:   -She has gone through no more than half a dozen ships
-She is estimated to have taken more than several hundred trade ships' cargo.
-She has held ships, crew, and sensetive cargo to ransom.
-She has robbed and held atleast two abyssal cruises ransom
-She has been known to conduct pillaging on towns that do not offer her port
-She has destroyed two of heaven's Abyssal Warships estimated to have each been her superior in force
-She has become a full-time privateer with a mark of heavenly marque and a full pardon. Thrice.
— Lord Scribe Galdiel
    In the various taverns strewn about innumerable planets, when the air is dense with smoke, the patrons are full and have refilled their tankards. This is one of the songs sung by the misfits of the world tree. For legends live on, ideals draw the imaginatory mind and the envious eye. And when you are down in your cups, the tales of a mighty person far past your abilities feel closer and more relatable.   Thus, the tale of a still living pirate and her 'inevitable' downfall captures the ears of many across creation. Specifically, the subject in question, Lady Salabrina , has an infamy born of her race's long lifespan. Racking up tallies beyond counting in various pirate activities, her prolific amount of 'work' in criminology is on par with past pirate legends of yor.   She has offended heaven and hell alike, and taken innumerable bounties from even the unaffiliated trade ships of the free people of Eden. Despite this, she is almost beloved for how she walks the razors edge amidst the free planes between the eternal conflict.   A woman of honor, there are whispered, often barely breathed, that her infamy and bloodlust are a groomed image. Such whispers and drunken musing find purchase in reality however. For despite her many accomplishments, Lady Salabrina's pirating days have largely been devoid of the blood-soaked waters of yor when the first abyssal pirates terrorized many. Regardless, the song always comes to an end whenever she enters a tavern playing it.


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