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The Prison

Written by ninne124

The Prison

by Zuree

The white walls stand tall,

just like my own.

Guards all around,

warry of all who come

and of all who go.

Only few accepted

even fewer let in

to the heart of the Kingdom

to the heart of me.


Why am I here,

I don't belong

in these long, dark halls,

with coldhearted people.

I'm held by all,

never to be let go.

In the prison of life,

body and mind.

Never to be free.


This poem was written by Princess Zuree when she was around 14 years of age. She has felt trapped in her life many times. The poem above is an expression of her feelings of living in what she thinks to be captivity.

The Castle of Lions feel more like a prison she has been sentenced to spend her life in than her actual home. She isn't allowed to leave the Castle at most times, and when she does, she is to be accompanied by a large number of guards. She feels watched, surrounded by many, but also alone. She has few friends in the castle. Her main way of expressing herself is through poems, she doesn't care about the structure of them, she only cares about getting her feelings out so she doesn't get angry during the day.

She has an entire book of poems she has written through the years, multiple pages are torn out and the book is worn and old. No one knows about her hobby, and Zuree is going to keep it that way if she can help it. There is a rose in gold on the cover of the book, making it easily recognizable.

The Poetry Book by Ninne124


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This is a gorgeous poem! I Really like the way it evokes a sense of dread and pity for Zuree and makes the reader symphatise with her. The cover is amazing and beautiful. I can see no problem with this article whatsoever. Congratulations and keep on being awesome!