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Stjørnur Sjógvur

This land is not free,
but you need not fret,
for there is the sea,
to save us from regret.
  Though she cannot speak,
her voice is clear,
she sings a song,
for you my dear.
  The melody is sweet,
the story is told,
that life is a treat,
and we are bold.
  Though life is tough,
we must carry on,
work through the rut,
and stay strong.
  For after we fall,
and our lives fade,
in the glory of it all,
at the end of the blade.
  She waits patiently,
in a place of rest,
with love, unmistakenly,
pulled to her breast.
  The fear is gone,
and calmness flows,
time moves on,
the water glows.
  The sky is dark,
your faith is strong,
a blinding arc,
a sweet song.
  Now in the fey,
Your life a scar,
Floating away,
In this sea of stars.

This was intended as a lullaby but it turned more into a poem, maybe I'll try my hand at a lullaby version after the challenge. 'Stjørnur Sjógvur' means something along the lines of 'starry ocean' or 'sea of starts' in Faroese, which is the native language of the Faroe Islands, which is the main inspiration for the Ouv Isles where this poem originated from an unknown source and is commonly used in modern art. I hope to eventually add a Faroese translation of this poem to be put in the right side so that everyone may try and recite it in Faroese, but that will also have to came after the challenge is over.


Author's Notes

I've been trying to finish this ever since Summer Camp started and I finally sped-ran it! Enjoy~

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