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The Lay of Oberon

Legends speak of a fallen hero, a man made metal who gave his life for the freedom of another. His efforts were not in vain and they produced results, in the end, but we mourn him for his sacrifice and the lives he touched throughout his journey.   Written by the resident songstress of the Lightningsong hunters guild, Bliss Titanhorn. She claims she's still writing it, but Bliss is often taken with fits of laziness, and many of her songs remain unfinished.  
Life as man, death as metal
Fate had in store many nettles
His body died once, this soul another
Now he rests among the nether
  One hundred years he walked the ground
On a quest to fight giants, he journeyed around
To the furthest of the expanse he walked
Not taking a rest, from no exhaustion he balked
  A coward among sheep, a man among boys
People in town weren't expecting a toy
He found out the monster, woke up in his bed
Then rallied his forces, aimed for giant's head
  The town saved itself, though lost much
The metal man left, not without his touch
Back on the road, through forest he marched
Until upon webs he came, stiff as if starched
  Spiders he fought, arachnids then flew
Chased them, he did, though they be few
Met a widow, in name and behaviour
Captured and imprisoned, unlikely saviour
  A young gnome released, druid of faith
Together searched for ungainly wraith
Found agent of evil, eating it's lot
Rent from earth, discovered plot


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