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Gazezu's Light

Carrying the stones was a demanding task. Haiffa looked sorrowfully to her little sister Marina who was trodding silently from the oasis' small lake's bank to the small hill of rocks they had already gathered and piled up in between two small dunes. Since this morning she had not said a single word. She had not cried, she had not complained. Marina only collected and carried the stones. With a heavy heart, Haiffa took the one she found, an especially pretty black stone with a smooth surface, and placed it on the very top of the pile. Their mother's grave was almost done. Gazezu's light will soon shine on her, one last time.
In the desert of Thiem a proper burial is difficult for the nomadic tribes. Still, whenever a member of their tribe dies, the whole group will rest and fast for a whole day. The closest family members and friends will start collecting stones to form a small burial hill over the course of the day, to cover the full body. This is all in preparations of the ceremony called Gazezu's Light.
When the sun sets, at the moment of the last rays touching the grave disappearing, a family member skilled in magic (or the closest person with magic) will light the pile of stones on fire. If there is no magical person present, it is acceptable to use common means of lighting fire, but this is often seen as dark shadow over the decased's legacy.
The fire will be maintained over night and magical fire will be hot enough to even ignite the stones themselves. Depending on the collected stones the fire might take up different colors and this will give the family members a sign how to embrace their lives without the lost person. At least one person of the family or closest friends has to stay by the fire untill it is completyl burnt down. The will hold vigil over the deceased person's soul, until Gazezu has granted them passage into her realm.

Blessings of light


Orange Flame

  Live your live to the fullest and celebrate their life. Be thankful for every moment you had with them.  

Bright Red Flame

  Live in their memory after their ethics and convictions and be the change to the better they have always wished for.  

Blue Flame

  Reflect on their wisdom and spread the knowledge inherited from them.  

Smaragd Green Flame

  Praise her life and her achievements as well as learn from their failures.  

Purple Flame

  See and understand yourself and your accomplishments out of their perspective.  

Yellow Flame

  Be generous in their name and share the posessions left by them with others.  

White-Blue Flame

  Let the memory of them live on, spread the story of their life.


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Jul 10, 2018 16:25 by Tristan G.

First, I like your theme, it's smooth and clear ! I really like how you have described the different lights and their meaning. Well done ! Hope your work will get more views ;)

Jul 10, 2018 16:25

Do they have exceptions? If several people die over the corpse a walk, after a battle or plague, how does the whole fasting change or affect them?   Other then those curious questions, nice work!

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Jul 10, 2018 17:44 by Malkuthe Highwind

Ooooh. I certainly like this concept. And I like that the different colors of the fire somewhat represent a way to carry on after the passing. I was just wondering, though, what would they do if the person that died, for instance, wasn't someone that they particularly liked, or was guilty of some heinous crime?