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Funeral rites of the Sakari Lizardfol

The Sakari are a shamanistic tribe of lizard folk natives to the isles of Kul'akani.   When a Sakari dies in combat, they believe their spirit remains behind to help other warriors until they win enough battles to gain entrance to heaven. Because of this, the Sakari will do anything to avoid dying in combat, sometimes even refusing to fight and be slaughtered rather than fight and lose, being condemned to stay behind. Sometimes when they   When a Sakari dies from old age, disease, etc, they are interred within a swamp deep within the jungle. Their bodies are coated with special oils made from a plant native only to their isles. Their family chant a song of their lives with all their achievements and special moments, recounting their lives. With older Sakari, sometimes this can take days.


On a non-violent death, the 'family' of a Sakari leaves all work and tasks to start the passing ritual. Families are defined as egg mates, and not traditional biological relations. They cannot work or play until the rites are completed. Within a larger egg clutch, this can be done completed very quickly, but older clutches that have already had a number of the die or smaller clutches mean that this process can sometimes be more arduous.   The egg clutch gathers together and starts a rhythmic chant. Then one by one, each Sakari in turn sings a tale of the dead egg clutchmate. How the individuals decide which tale to share, or when is there turn to sing, is not easily discernible to outsiders, but those who watch closely will notice that the frills along the spine of each Sakari will splay in a pattern, keeping time and denoting order of turn.   As the lifesong is sung, the Sakari pour special scented oils over the scales of their dead, polishing them to a bright shine. Sakari scales are a prized component of rare jewelry, but the Sakari guard their dead ferociously.   Once this process is complete, the Sakari gently lay the body down within one of their swamps. They slowly sink beneath the surface, being consumed by the swamp itself.

Components and tools

The Sakari use a special oil called Ali'kulharna, made from a local palm mixed with herbs known only to the Sakari shamans.

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