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Funerals of the Dwarves

In the frigid north, the dwarves of Deadreach burn their dead sending their ashes and spirits to mix with the clouds above but also to spare them the horrible undeath that comes to all things that die in Haunt. This is because the dwarves despise anything related to the dead and the Covenant. Seeing their kin rise as undead is worse then seeing them die a second time. So to avoid all of this they cremate their fallen brothers and sisters in the central hearth of every dwarf hall. A durithil coin is then placed in the hearth for remembrance. Thus the dwarves' fallen warm the hall and are remembered each time the hearth is seen.


Since time immaterial the Covenant- the pact that brings back the dead- has existed in Haunt and for just as long the dwarves of Altir have despised it. So when their dead began coming back to life, but not a true life but a horrible unlife, it wrenched their hearts. They could not abide it so they began burning their dead, but to preserve memories of the fallen they did so in a place of honor: the hearth that warmed the halls of every dwarf clan.


The service is a simple but profound one. Words are spoken before the bodies are placed in the hearth. Then, the bodies of the deceased are lowered into the fire as the entire gathered clan watches on. They burn in mournful, prayerful silence. Each body has a durithil coin placed with it that will withstand the heat of the flames and so it will remain in the hearth reminding all of that fallen dwarf.

Components and tools

The central hearth in each and every dwarf hall, and a durithil coin imprinted with the deceased's family crest and personal heraldry.


Everyone in that clan and of the fallen's family that can be mustered in time watches the ceremony.   A cleric of the twin gods will adjudicate and the deceased's parents and spouse will usually speak off the deceased.


As soon as can be allowed so as not to let the Covenant take hold and raise the body to undeath.

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