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When a person passes from this world, the preparations for the funeral begin right away. Their birthstone is given to the local craftsman to add the individual's death date on its backside. The funeral in itself is rather simple, inviting all close family and friends to say their goodbyes. The deceased is dressed in their finest clothes and eventual favorite jewelry. If the person was married they keep the ring on. When everyone who wanted to has had a moment for themselves with the individual, they are transported to the family graveyard. It is usually found by the nearest church along with other families', but some have their own by the house. The person is buried, and the site gets blessed by a priest to keep them from returning to the mortal world. After the burial, a dinner is held to honor the memory of the passed. This is seen as a happy event, talking about all the good the person had done and the positive ways they made a difference. When the birthstone is ready it is placed in the family's memorial. This can be everything from a small box to, like the royal family, a pond where the stones are laid as a reminder.

Components and tools

A person's birthstone is a small amulet given to them at birth. On it's front their given name and birth date are carved. The stone is kept through their whole life and usually worn on birthdays or other occasions as a sign of where you came from. When the person leaves the mortal realm, their name is carved once more on the backside with the date of their death. If they married or under different circumstances changed name their new one is carved in.


Upon the passing of an individual.

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Author's Notes

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