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The Coriddor of scent

A traditional Orkish death ceremony, is a stunning melange of perfume, incense and scent. The grander the ceremony the greater the quantity and vareity of perfumes. Dancers dance, wailers wail, the air hangs so thick with colour and small that its is pushed and pulled by the tassled cloths of the dancers to produce shapes and structures of powder and perfume, smells so strong and thick that the eye can actually see them. Funerals so elaborate are notably rare, however they are a time honoured tradition of the orcs, and sure can be the experience of a lifetime if invited. Smaller scales may be limited to a single wailer, singing a aid tune, to the body and those present. Whilst a single small curated bottle of perfume is opened and gently precisely wafted, in a delicate dance. A fine cloth or tassle is waved, as appropriate for the cost of the service, and it is still indeed a very moving experience to behold.


The tradition may have its origins in an attempt at ressurection, or may have arisen from the various healing scnets that are opened and made available in order to scarify tribute wounds common in some orcish tribes. (It is a relatively common practice to have a signiture scare or battlewound common to a whole tribe, a warrior who made great sacrifice and fought well will have their injury honoured, and all other members of the tribe will similarly wound themselves in solidarity, this is particularly common for a blow that will cause permanent injury or death, hence a small culture of mimicing deadly wounds at funerals to have them scarred.)

Components and tools

An incredible number of perfumes, potions, and aromatics, some of which will be uniquly prepaired for this purpose. Additionally dancers, fine cloths, tassle, and signer, musicians, and wailers.

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