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A continent upon a grand scale, many wars fought and borders set, Castordia is a land divided. Much of the north is controlled by an unfeeling empire, ever eager to expand. Belts of inhospitable land lie throughout the south, and steep mountain range divides East from West.   The Western ranges boast an Immortal Dwarf with an eternal kingdom, an archipelago filled with necromancers and outcasts, a city that kisses the sky, a mountain carved into a temple, and the Doglands where Orks and Eel-men pit fights to the death in the marshes.   Eastward past a lake with the stench of death, are bronze elves and fair merfolk pitted in constant war against the northern Empire of Okan and the southern human tribes. Those who wish to journey westward must brave the lake and mountains, or survive a trek through the empire of the north.