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Sand burial

The sand burial is a tradition of black orcs, the most civilised out of all orcs. Being originally from the desert, they established a city-state named Blomond near the shores of the Krisna and continued to bury their dead the same way they did for thousands of years. Due to this ritual, the beaches of the Krisna became an important place for all black orcs as it is the only place where they can perform the ritual.


Originally, the tradition required only to bury the dead in the sand, the only funeral possible in a desert. As magic developed, black orcs started to put the bodies deeper in the sand by using magic. This process resulted in the tradition taking to its final, ever so fancy form in which it remained for thousands of years.


The proper burial requires the participation of at least one spellcaster, the amount and strength of them acting as a sign of respect. The body is washed and dressed in the best clothes the dead had while they were alive. Then, the mage presses the sand around the body in the form of a coffin and heats it, creating a glass sarcophagus. The bigger and thicker it is, and the more delicate and beautiful are the drawings on the glass, the more respect it is to the departed. After that, the body is put deep in the sand, with depth being yet another sign of respect. Some of the most respected black orcs' sarcophaguses were the true art masterpieces, buried hundreds of meters deep in the ground.   If a proper burial is unavailable, then the body can be simply put in the sand as it was in early days, by hand if needed. However, it is considered to be the last resort, and many black orcs would rather risk their lives than let their friends go without a fitting burial.
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