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Venandi Funeral Rites for Females

The Venandi race comes in 4 forms and has 3 different funeral rights. Males and drones are left far from the village after they die and the forest creatures are allowed to feed on the body. But the funerals for females and so called Amazon Venandi are much more respectful. This details the rites observed for normal tribe-based females.   Once a female dies if possible they are returned to the village, if not their bone-like tail tip is removed and brought back in their stead. Once back at the tribe the body is placed in her home where those closest to the deceased gather and say their goodbyes. They then gather items dear to the deceased and build a shrine somewhere in the village, once the shrine is complete the youngest (That can hold a dagger) of those close to the departed female is given the dagger that the female carried and they are given the task of removing the female's tail-horn. The horn is then place in the shrine which is guarded by drones from scavengers. Over the next three days the rest of the tribe can pay their respects and they decide if the female belongs among the honored dead. If she is not worthy the horn is given to the one who severed it and they are allowed to do what they wish to honor their deceased. If the female is found worthy then three members of the tribe (a female, a male, and a drone) are chosen to journey to a temple deep in the swamps and place her horn in the room of the ancestors along with a brief epithet written in the stone below the horn.


These rites have been practiced for as long as the Venandi have memory. With every generation they vary slightly but follow the same progression.


The rites begin once the female has died, be it from wounds or otherwise.

Components and tools

The only item needed is an heirloom dagger used to sever the horn from the tail. This should be found somewhere on the body of the deceased.


The oldest who was closest to the female is the one who severs her tail. The rest of the ceremony involves the whole tribe.


This is observed on the day the female dies and on the three days following.

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The Hayseed Swamps
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