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Hilboldir Funeral Rites

"Death is a natural part of life and funeral rites are not only a way to respect the dead but to celebrate the life that they lived. It is okay to cry but don't forget to smile as well and remember the good times. Would you be happy going into the afterlife knowing that your loved ones are just going to cry over you like babies? There's still life to be had and things to be done after someone you love has passed on. If you forget that, they might just come back to haunt you and you'll die of fright." - Unknown
  The above quote shows the general attitude that the dwarves of Hilboldir have towards death. As such, the most important part of a funeral rite for them is not some long ceremony with elaborate proceedings. Instead they hold a farewell party in the dead person's honour with drinking, dancing, sharing memories about the person and more drinking.   This is all done with the sealed stone coffin standing in the middle of the room so that the deceased will be able to hear and be a part of the festivities. Chisels are readily available so that family and friends can etch their final messages onto the coffin. There is also often a great deal of alcohol poured on top of the coffin so that the deceased won't come back to haunt them because they didn't share their drinks.   In the morning after the party, the closest family members of the departed go with a priest or druid to the catacombs to inter the coffin in the family grave. The deceased's favourite belongings are most often in the coffin with their body but if they are too big or there are too many of them, they go on top or around the coffin. Prayers and final goodbyes are said before the compartment made for the coffin is sealed with a stone slab.


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